Middle Age and the Mission of Hanging On

Life is messy sometimes. Somehow aging brings with it the baggage of circumstances that can grow and morph into ugliness. We reach middle age, our parents reach their elder years, our kids become adults, and the worries just seem to get larger. In response, we as women seem to carry the weight of our families, and all their ‘issues’. My…
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Your Empty Nest: How to Relate to Adult Children

How do you adapt to the changing relationships with your adult children? Midlife brings with it an empty nest and changing relationships. Our bodies have decided to go rogue, our parents age and require more attention from us, and our own children are beginning lives on their own. All these demand that we change how we relate to them. But…
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Midlife Mess: A Simple Guide to Office Organization

Hooray for TAX TIME!! Said no one ever! So how is all the paper scrounging going? Are you feeling somewhat in control of your paper files in preparation of filing taxes? This is always the time of year when the rubber meets the road and we see how organized we really are. There’s nothing like tax time to figure out…
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